1) Question

Do you guarantee that my business will get financing?

1) Answer

Building business credit is a step-by-step process that must strictly adhered to. If you follow our specifc step-by-step process we guarantee that your business will receive vendor lines of credit and business credit cards that are sufficient to build strong business credit scores with all three national business credit reporting agencies.

Once your business has built strong business credit scores, larger amounts of available funding will depend on your ability to demonstrate cash flow large enough to service the amount of the loans you wish to qualify for.

Inside our business credit building system is a comprehensive list of many types of business loans that are available to your business, how to package your business to present to the lenders, and exactly what the lenders for these loan programs need to see to be able to approve you. The first step in that approval process is building strong business scores. Without strong business credit scores you simply cannot get approved.

2) Question

How long will the business credit building process take?

2) Answer

It takes 120 days to establish a file and good scores with all three business credit agencies. Usually six (6) months for strong scores and two (2) years for the very best scores. This is the exact same time frame that it takes for your personal credit FICO scores.

Our business credit building system is a comprehensive step-by-step system that is very easy to use. Each step is clearly laid out and includes frequently asked questions.

The process is easy, but you must pay attention to the details. Hopefully, you were very serious about going into business and therefore, you should be very serious about building your business credit scores too.

3) Question

Do you offer a money back guarantee based on my success?

3) Answer

Because you could conceivably pay and then immediately copy everything you needed from our system, we offer a money back guarantee that you will build business credit scores within 120 days if you complete the ebook program.

The money back guarantee is as follows:

A) If your business completes the steps that our business credit building system instructs you to do, then we guarantee your business will build business credit scores with D&B, Equifax and Experian with 120 days.

B) If after 120 days you have completed all the steps as instructed and your business has failed to build credit we will refund your purchase price.  No hassles, no hanky panky, no mandatory arbitration, no jurisdictional concerns, no fancy big city lawyer talk, no need to waste a ounce of time, energy or money on nothing more than it didn't work for me.

Completing the program takes a minimum of 120 days and no refunds will be issued before that. Refunds will not be issued for those who fail to complete the entire program.   

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