Do You Want To Establish $50K-$250K In Cash Credit ;
Without Using Personal Credit?

Do you want $16,000 in Business Credit
Within Weeks ;
Without Any Use of Your Personal Credit?

The 2012 Business Credit Guru is: 176 Pages of Lenders, Banks, Tips, Recommendations, Instructions and Website Addresses; of all the Vendors and Banks I've ever used in creating business credit.
I Developed This Business Credit Guild in Response to Many of My Clients and Readers: Looking for a cheaper alternative to getting real business credit and loans.  As mandated by FCC, SEC, consumer protection, and serveral other regulatory protections, "If you are not licensed to give; tax, legal, financial or loan advice;" You Can Not Give Such Advice!  So therefore due to these regulations; when so many of our readers, clients, affiliates contact us and ask for such advice; we are restricted not to give such advice.
Our Response to Our Clients and Readers Was to Release a Complete Tell All Business Credit Ebook:  176 Pages, Broken down by state and category covering, loans, lenders, business credit card lenders, shelf corp, business structures, and financing from A-Z.

If Your Looking to Get Loan Approvals and Financing:
 "I Fully Endorse This Ebook!"   This Ebook is not a ebook which give a bunch of generic business credit terms and definitions; THIS EBOOK IS; written to provide and help readers develope Financing, Loans, and Business Lines of Credit!
Building Business Credit Is Not Rocket Science:  As many of the “Gurus” will like you to believe. It is simply a process and you need to know the process and a couple of small tricks; that only come from experience.
The 2012 Business Credit Guru: starts off with the basics and covers everything from setting up your company correctly, to acquiring Multiple $50,000 lines of credit.

The 2012 Business Credit Guru will show you how to lease or buy a car under your business name within as little as 5 months with little to no money down and how this is all done without the use of your personal credit.  

You Will Also Learn:

1)  The basics on Business Credit 

2)  Get Corporate Credit Cards without your personal name attached to it. 

3)  Buy or lease Cars and Trucks with a 5 month old corporation and no personal credit. 

4)  Establish $50,000-$250,000 of Cash Credit with No Use of your Personal Credit 

5)  Step-by-step instructions for setting up your corporation or LLC. 

6)  A step-by-step guide to build business credit from scratch 

7)  How to get a good PAYDEX score with a brand new corporation. 

8)  How to get Shelf corporations that are 3+ years old for as little as $300. 

9)  List of vendors offering business credit without using your personal credit. 

10)  Learn to build business credit reports so you can obtain cash lines of credit 

11)  Build Business Credit To Start a Corporation 

12)  176 Pages of Everything You Need When Building Business Credit, Getting Buisness Credit Loans, and Estabishing New Business Lines of Credit! 


Hello My Name is Matt Cohen and; "I Fully Endorse This Ebook!"

The last time I made such a strong statement was the release of our; "Credit Card Lender List;" which sold thousands of copies and 0 returns!


We offer a 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee on This Product.   (This Product is For Lenders, Loan Officers, & People Seeking Funding!)

Disclaimer: As with all ebook sales; the information found within is for informational and educational purposes only; all purchasers should be at least 18 years of age; any or all contracts, loan applications, and financial agreements are being made between yourself, the subscriber or client and the vendor.  Please be sure to read and understand all applications and contracts you are entering.

Money Back Guarantee - Purchase This Ebook at no Risk. We Offer a 60 Day
Money Back, No Questions Ask Guarantee.

Why Buy the Business Credit Bible?

1. It is a no-nonsense guide to building business credit

2. Accessibility. Call or Email us if you have any concerns before or after buying this ebook.

3. There is no better time to build business credit and no better information avaliable to helping you build and GET CREDIT using business credit!

Limited Time Special $59.99 Introductory Offer!


Business Credit GURU (Financing & Lending Program)

Instant Download Instant Access Ebook!


How To Buy a (ARIZONA SHELF CORP) & Business Credit Builder Program!

TODAY ONLY; You will receive both; "How To Purchase a Shelf Corp Under $100.00, AND Business Credit Builder Program!  You have an opportunity to receive the best business credit ebooks available!  We have seen countless amount of individuals use our ebooks to find and secure Aged Shelf Corps as many as several per week; and use our information to either start their own Aged Shelf Corp resell business or use their Shelf Corp to move forward and get financing not using their SSN but using the merit of the company.  But more times than not we have seen person find and secure Aged Shelf Corps, but they have several follow up question about How To Build Business Credit!

IN SHORT:  They were able to find a overwhelming amount of Aged Shelf Corps, but had questions on How To Build Business Credit Fast, Effective, And Get Real Results.  In a continuing effort to help persons set up businesses and allow them access to new accounts, without using their SSN, We are offering TODAY ONLY, Both; "How To Purchase a Shelf Corp Under $100.00, AND Business Credit Builder Program, FREE.       Their is no business credit deal better than this!


1)  (ARIZONA EDITION)                        How to Purchase a Shelf Corp Under $100.00  (ARIZONA)


3)  (COMPLETE LENDER LIST)         Business Credit Builder Lender List.

                                      COMBO PRICING $99.99



How To Buy a (FLORIDA SHELF CORP 2012) & Business Credit GURU 2012


1)  (FLORIDA EDITION/ NEW FOR 2012)                                       How to Purchase a Shelf Corp Under $100.00  (FLORIDA)

2)  (LENDERS AND LOAN OFFICERS PROGRAM 2012)          Business Credit GURU Financing and Lending   


                                                 COMBO PRICING $77.96

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