Do You have One or More Credit Cards with a Low to No Balance?  Or Low to High Limit?  Well, Here at Legal CPN; you can simply Rent  Your credit!   It’s been a well-known practice for parents add to their kids as authorized users on their credit card accounts. Now you can actually earn money from those credit cards just sitting in your wallet or purse!  You can actually turn those unused credit cards into little miniature rental properties which  can actually earn you money for every client we send your way.

1. Authorized users don’t have to be related to you.
2. There is no limit on how many authorized users you can add.
3. There is no law against the rental or sale of authorized-user designations.
4) You Will Never be Asked to Provide ANY of Your Personal Account Information!  EVER!!!
5) You Will be the ONLY Person Who Will be Asked to Add or Remove ANY Authorized User To or From Your Account!!!
6) You get Paid Every time You Add a User! CASH; Up to 10 Users Per Card!!!
7) We Offer the Largest Selection of Paid and Successful AU Card Holders, Piggy Back Card Selection; And We Offer The Highest Pay Outs!!!
8) Again Your Credit Card is Secure; Because you are the ONLY person who will have access to Your Account!

2) How much will I get paid? The amount varies, and it depends on the age of the card, and the credit limit. We pay the most for older cards (4-30 years old) and high limits (5k to 100k) We DO NOT pay for any cards with a limit of less than 1k, and a history less than 24 months (Less Than 2 years old). If the card is more than than 24 months old, and has a credit limit of more than $1,000, We Can Rent It. We are


            This Agreement made and entered into this day; Please Enter Date:  2009,
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            HEREIN AND ABOVE.


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currently offering 25% Payout On What Our Customers Pay. Based On Our Current Pricing, You Would Receive Anywhere From $125 to $525 Per Transaction. To get paid at higher tiers, you need to have a more attractive credit card account. An example would be a 10-20 year old Credit Card card with a reported limit of $20,000-$50,000. A typical example of an $225 trade-line Payout would be a 48 months old card, with a limit of $5,000.

Each card typically reports (10 authorized users per card at one time) That’s thousands of extra dollars we will pay you each and every month.

Important: We Can Not Rent ANY Card with ANY Late Payment! We Can Not Rent ANY Card with a Reported Limit of More Than 40% of the Cards Limit Value. For Example; a Card with a Limit of $10,000.00 has a outstanding balance of $5,000.00 has a debt ratio of 50%; we can not use that card! We Will Confirm Every Cards Worthiness by Providing You with a Credit Report; Showing You if Your Card Meets the Requirements.

If you want to start earning extra money renting your credit card please complete and submit the application form below. After You Are Accepted You Will Need to Set Up a Pay-Pal Account Which is How You Get PAID, and How We Will Submit Your Payment Prior to You Adding Any Such User. Legal CPN Nor ANY Person Other Than Yourself will Have or Actually Use Your Personal Account Information. We will never ask you to provide or submit any private account information related to your credit card. All authorized users will be added by you after you receive your payment. The form below is for us to confirm you actually have the credit account you want to submit into our program, and to confirm the card is free of any negative items such as high balance or late payments.

Thank You for Your Attention Legal CPN.

Thousands of Clients,
         Thousands of Businesses;
                    Thousands of Approvals!

Direct Credit Bureau Lender List (DCB LIST)

250 LENDERS & APPROVING CREDIT BUREAU BMW , Cap One, Citi, Chase, BofA, Wells, Credit Card, Banks, Credit Unions, & SO MUCH MORE!


Become a Authorized User Credit Partner (Make Money Renting Your Credit)

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