Can I use this number instead of my social security number?
No, but in certain situations some numbers which are used which can be defined as a CPN can be used in place of a SSN, such as when Opening a bank account, Applying for business licenses, Filing a tax return by mail, File an electronic return, Make an electronic payment, Pass an IRS Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) matching program, and any other instances deemed by law.  Please note the Credit Profile Number (CPN) does not replace your SS number, this number can only be used for credit reporting purposes. It cannot and should not be used for any government purposes including and not limited to: military, child support, DSS income, SSI, taxes, FHA, VA, or ANY GOVERNMENT BACK FUNDING, which requires a individual to list a SSN number.

What can I use my new Credit Profile Number (CPN) for?
You can use your Credit Profile Number (CPN) for Opening a bank account, Applying for business licenses, Filing a tax return by mail, File an electronic return, Make an electronic payment, Pass an IRS Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) matching program or anything that would be applicable to the use of a EIN, ITIN, TIN or SSN for credit reporting purposes.  It is a well documented fact that numerous credit accounts has been issued to individuals and individuals owing business who received credit cards, car loans, certain types of mortgage, personal loans etc with the use of EIN's, TIN's, ITIN's and SSN's, which are all considered CPN's when used outside of it's natural used and approved for credit.  Please understand a SSN has been issued and used for Social security Purposes and is not and was not intended to be inherently a credit number to be used by anyone who opens a service or bank to lend money goods or services; and the same is true for ITIN's, EIN's, or TIN's.  These number are not localized and are used throughout the entire credit system, and are being used beyond their original scope.     

Am I responsible for the debts on my old report?
Yes, you are responsible for all debts on your old report and debts incurred with your Credit Profile Number (CPN).
You must remember that while you are DEVELOPING YOUR BUSINESS OR PERSONAL CREDIT, you must use your new Credit Profile Number (CPN) wisely, WHETHER YOUR CPN FILE IS BASED ON YOUR LEGAL SSN, ITIN, EIN, TIN.

Is this legal?
"Yes. You can use the existing laws to your advantage for a change. Due to certain rights guaranteed by the 1974 US Privacy Act Title V, you have the right to keep your SS number private and not be denied service due to your refusal. The credit bureaus are not government agencies, so you do not have to give them your SS number." is a commonly made statement legal CPN found online and posted here, but our statement to further the above statement, "Is all government numbers that are issued legally which are used legally throughout the credit system standing on their face value are in fact legal.  But their are laws which govern their use, so please be aware the that you do not violate any legally listed law on either the federal or state level.  We are not a legal counsel, but we don encourage you to perform the necessary research or hire counsel to answer specific questions regarding this question."  David Glatzer Legal CPN  

What will my new FICO be?
Any new credit file which is automatically crated by the credit bureaus computer will be blank. You will need to reestablish your credit, by applying for credit and other lines under the law.  Yes you will have a credit file when; A) the government issues you a 9 digit number, and B) when this information is filtered into the credit bureaus computer which will automatically record it, file it, and create a new credit file without your knowledge or consent, ONLY BECAUSE IT IS A 9 DIGIT NUMBER, AND IT WILL RECORD YOUR NAME, DOB, AND ADDRESS, REGARDLESS IF IT MERGES THIS INFORMATION OR CREATE A NEW CREDIT FILE, WITHOUT YOUR EXPRESSED CONSENT OR KNOWLEDGE.  So yes; you will have a credit file and a FICO score without doing anything other than registering or using your EIN, ITIN, SSN, TIN within normal applications of those 9 digit numbers.  

Are you saying that I can use my Credit Profile Number CPN to buy investment property or get a loan to start a business?
Yes. Leverage is a tool that has been used by the wealthy for generations. Their are numerous examples of EIN's, TIN's, ITIN's and SSN's being able to secure loans, financing, auto loans and homes.  

Q: What does the law say about credit and financial matters?
A: Title 5 of the United States Code Annotated 552(a) known as the Privacy Act, ruled in part: "Right to privacy is a personal right designated to protect persons from the unwanted disclosure of personal information." - CAN Financial Corp vs. Local 743, D.D., I11, 1981 15F. Sup. 943, I11.
(A)(1) "It shall be unlawful to deny any individual any right, benefit, or privilege provided by law because of such individuals refusal to disclose his or her social security account number".
Pub. L 93-579: (B) "Any Federal, State, or Local Government Agency which requests an individual to disclose their Social Security Account Number shall inform that individual whether the disclosure is mandatory or voluntary, by what statutory or other authority such number is solicited, and what uses will be made of it."
The Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) prohibits creditors from denying you a loan based on reasons that have nothing to do with your credit-worthiness.

Q: How does this program work?
A: By understanding the law and applying credit re-establishment techniques, our proven techniques specializes in the establishment of credit through a completely separate and legal entity. With your new completely and separate legal entity, you will be able to build a new credit-worthy profile.

Q: Is it Legal?
A: Specifically, there is no law that says that a consumer cannot secure one or more nine-digit tax identification numbers. Specifically there are no laws that say that consumer cannot develop or obtain the additional supporting criterion to apply and obtain credit as long as it is not done with the intent to defraud. The legality of creating a new credit file has always been a topic of great debate amongst the credit file is based primarily on the fact that there is no intent defraud and or with untrue misrepresentations. It is the belief of many professionals, that it can be done legally as long as no fraud is intended (intent is the key word).

Q: How quickly can I get my NEW 9-digit number?
A: There is a 1-page application required to fill out to receive your new 9-digit number. We provide all instructions needed to fill in this application. Your application will automatically be email in where your application will be processed and assigned to an account manager to be completed. If it is not Valiadated or Match to your DOB we will not issue it.

Q: How fast can I get credit through my new legal entity?
A: As soon as your new 9-digit number has been assigned to you, your new credit profile is created and you can start applying for credit.

Q: Is the the NEW 9-digit number a 2nd Social Security Number?
A: NO; It is not a 2nd Social Security Number. Your new 9-digit number will be assigned to you for credit establishing purposes only. You will continue to use your SS# for employment, taxes, state benefits and for your drivers license.

Q: Can I use the NEW 9-digit number to open Bank Accounts and apply for personal loans?

Q: Can I use the new 9-digit number on credit card applications?
A: YES; You can use your new credit profile obtain major credit cards, department store cards, gas cards, auto loans, bank loans, real estate, and any other type of financing you desire.

Q: Can anyone do this?
A: Absolutely, you do not need any special skills or knowledge. We have taken the complexity of the attorney and CPA knowledge base and condensed it into an easy to follow and very simple process!

Q: Can I use my new 9-digit number for employment?
A: In most cases no, remember one of the criteria for using your current social security number is for employment. Employers have to use your social security number to report wages earned and taxes owed to the IRS by law.

Q: Who provides me with the new 9-digit number?
A: Your new 9-digit number is processed through governmental agencies and credit bureaus requiring your signature and submission. "Legal Credit Secrets Exposed," comes with all the necessary forms and complete instructions for establishing AAA-1 credit in 30 days.

Q: There are a lot of credit repair scams out there, are you legitimate?
A: Absolutely! Everything we offer is completely legitimate and completely legal. Furthermore, we are not a credit repair company. Many credit repair companies claim to be able to repair your credit, but in fact it is very difficult to repair credit once it is damaged. Legal Credit Secrets Exposed focuses on establishing good credit with a NEW 9-digit number. The techniques used to establish credit have been researched by attorneys and are completely legal, ethical, and within all applicable federal laws.

Q: Can I order for me and my husband / wife / partner?
A: Absolutely! This is an individual program that can work for both the husband / wife / partner.

Q: Does this affect my drivers license, current SS#, or any other personal identification?
A: No; This program utilizes the law to establish a completely separate and legal entity from your current individual profile. Your name, drivers license and other forms of ID will not need to change in any shape or form.

Q: What about on a credit application, won't they ask me for my social security number?
A: Credit applications will always ask for a social security number because this is the most convenient way for creditors to get a hold of as much personal information as possible. But with this type of credit re-establishment through a completely separate and legal entity, they will require the new entity information which will be in the form of your new profile information including new 9-digit number. Your new 9-digit number will be the identifier for your new profile and not your social security number. Also remember, you do not have to release your social security number without mandatory disclosure.

Q: Will my current credit profile get mixed in with my new credit profile?
A: The only way your new credit profile can get mixed in with your old in our program is by willingly disclosing your old credit profile information with your new one. If you utilize your new credit profile within the legal structure designed for this type of completely separate and legal entity, releasing your old profile information will not be necessary unless you voluntarily use it.

Q: Is it Ethical?
A: Yes, it is practical to create a new credit file if you are burdened by damaged credit and it is beneficial to return to a NEW CREDIT status. Considering some Attorneys and Credit Specialists that know about these techniques have charged their clients up to $10,000, we feel it is very ethical.

Legality of CPN: Presently, federal law allows the ability for someone to legally use a private ID # for financial reporting purposes instead of a Social Security Number.

Title 5, Section 7 of Publication Law 93-579 of Government Organization and Employees Act: (a) (1) It shall be unlawful for any Federal, State or Local Government Agency to deny any individual any right, benefit, or privilege provided by law because of such individual’s refusal to disclose his or hers Social Security Account Number.

What this means is Federal Law protects those who do not wish to disclose their personal information (SS#) except where required to do so. Disclosure of your social security number is only required when dealing with the IRS, your employer, or when applying for a federally insured mortgage. Instead of a Social Security Number, you now have the opportunity to establish a Credit Privacy Number (CPN).

Credit Profile Number FAQ
What is a Credit Profile Number (CPN)?
It is any nine digit number separate from your social security number, but not excluding a SSN, used to track your credit activities and history; such as a EIN, ITIN, TIN or SSN, but their can be other formalized government or institutionally issued 9 digit number which can be issued and used for credit purposed.

ACCORDING TO THE UNITED STATES PRIVACY ACT OF 1974 TITLE V: "It shall be unlawful to deny any individual any right, benefit, or privilege provided by law because of such individuals refusal to disclose his or her Social Security Account Number. Any Federal, State, or Local Government Agency which requests an individual to disclose their Social Security Account Number shall inform that individual whether the disclosure is mandatory or voluntary, by what statutory or other authority such number is solicited, and what uses will be made of it."

THE FULL U.S. LAW CAN BE FOUND HERE:  or it can be found here:  ; We have seen "THEY" like to close, move or hide web pages which display this information on legal, government, or legitimate websites. It appears "SOMEONE" does'nt want you to know the above statement is real; and it is a real law meant to protect you for a powerful private corporation or group of private corporations.

The benefits of a tri merged cpn with credit report is knowing the 9 digit number housing your business identity is free and clear of others using your number. We have found that person serious able establishing a new personal business profile either for themselves personally or for their business understands the value of having a business identity free upon itself. Furthermore person who know they will be purchasing trade-lines will also find this service important.

You can purchase a more expensive corporation package or you can obtain a EIN Free from the IRS website; but if you do not inspect your new 9 digit number either if it's a EIN, ITIN, SSN, TIN or ANY 9 digit government issued number for issuance, a death master file, a situation non issuance, Safe Scan searches, Choice Point and Lexis Nexis you will quickly find that your business efforts and approvals might be hampered.

If you input a standard issued EIN with a basic SSN validator search you will find the IRS will issue you a number with a death master file attached, a situation non issuance, Safe Scan, Choice Point or Lexis Nexis errors. Needless to say you will quickly find your business efforts and approvals will be hampered by automated and underwriting approval processes. 

With this purchase you will also receive a copy of such report after your cpn is processed. The only reason it is necessary to offer this service is because the credit bureaus have moved into a position of automatically denying business credit due to another name or person appearing on a credit report which they provide to vendors as a sole reference of approving or denying credit. It is a fact the IRS will issue a EIN ITIN or SSN with a death master file or non issuance status. If you do not inspect your number prior to spending years of time money and energy; you may find your efforts to legitimately building your business hampered by issues unknown and unannounced to you.

Your credit report is your private financial information. This information is every bit as private as any private financial information you keep in a locked drawer in your home or office. You have an absolute right to keep it private. Your credit reports are maintained by various credit bureaus. The three largest and most famous credit bureaus are Transunion, Equifax and Experian. Unlike a locked drawer in your home or office, however, the only thing someone needs to obtain your credit report from a credit bureau is an account with that bureau. Thus, anyone with an account has access to your credit report, whether or not you have given them permission to access it.

Examples abound where businesses have accessed credit reports wrongfully, without permission and without a proper purpose. I have heard of insurance industry law firms and insurance companies pulling credit reports for personal injury plaintiffs to find out if they're financially strapped, and thus more likely to accept an insufficient settlement offer. Some unscrupulous companies pull credit reports to find out if you qualify for a loan they are offering, before they have even contacted you about the loan. Some pull it for less savory purposes yet, such as to determine where you shop and spend your money. These are all improper purposes for accessing someone's private credit report.

All of this information is private and legally is supposed to remain private unless one of two things happens:

1. You give someone permission to pull your credit report, or,

2. The person pulling your credit report has a permissible purpose for pulling it (AND IN MOST CASES THEY HAVE YOUR CONSENT).

There are very few permissible purposes. The law is really your only safeguard against unscrupulous persons pulling your credit report for improper purposes.

Examples of Giving Someone Permission to Pull Your Credit Report

Whenever you apply for a loan or a credit card, you normally sign a form which gives the prospective creditor permission to pull your credit report. This is the usual manner in which credit card companies, car dealerships and lenders access your credit report.

Beware, however, that some companies forge consumer signatures on forms to gain permission when they don't have the consumer's legitimate permission to pull your credit report. Thus, telemarketers cannot pull your credit report without your permission even if they are trying to sell you a loan. Car dealerships do not have permission to pull your credit report simply because you walk onto their lot to look at a few cars. If you pull your credit report and you find instances where companies have pulled your credit report without your permission, suspect that they may have done so by forging your signature. This happens more often than most consumers realize.

Examples of Permissible Purposes for Pulling Your Credit Report

There are very few: in response to a court order, in connection with an employment application and when a consumer actually applies for credit or insurance.

If you do not initiate the transaction, then a credit card company may only pull your credit report if they are making you a "firm offer of credit," which is definitely quite a bit more than those endless letters from credit card companies telling us that we've been "Pre-Approved", but we have to fill out an application anyway.

Persons or companies who pull your credit report must certify that they are pulling it for a permissible purpose. If a company pulls your credit report for a permissible purpose and then uses it for an impermissible purpose, then that company has violated your rights and the law. Companies may only pull and use your report for a permissible purpose. In general, you need to pull your credit report and inquire into any credit entry for a credit card company, a finance company or an insurance company you do not recognize. It may well turn out that some company has pulled your credit report without your permission and without a permissible purpose.

How Do I Find Out if Someone Has Pulled My Credit Report Without A Permissible Purpose?

Pull your credit report from the three major credit reporting bureaus. They often share information among themselves, so negative credit entries to one bureau frequently find their way onto your credit reports with the other two bureaus. If you see entries on your credit report concerning companies pulling your report without your permission, or companies you do not recognize, then you should inquire further as to whether someone has improperly accessed your credit report.

Why is Impermissible Access to One's Credit Report Harmful?

Apart from being an invasion of your privacy, credit "pulls" actually lower your credit score. Someone who pulls your credit report without permission and without a legitimate purpose directly harms you by affecting your credit score.

What are My Remedies If I Discover that Someone Has Wrongfully Pulled My Credit Report?

If you have any questions or doubts, first contact the company which pulled your credit report and ask them, in writing, why their company name appears on your credit report. Sometimes there is an innocent explanation, but don't be surprised if you get the run-around or if it turns out that this company did not have any permissible purpose when they pulled your credit report. If you do find out that there has been an impermissible pull of your report, or if you just cannot get good answers to your questions, then see a lawyer. You are entitled to a penalty per violation of your right to financial privacy, even if you do not directly suffer damage as a consequence of the improper pull. There is also the potential of punitive damages, as well as any out-of-pocket losses you have suffered. The statute also provides that the person who improperly pulled your credit report must pay for your attorney's fees, so these cases are frequently affordable even to consumers who cannot otherwise afford an attorney.


Since the credit bureaus without your knowledge, authorization and consent systematically swipes, steals, conceals, share, sell and store all consumer information on a systematic level; the process is very easy to update your consumer file or create another consumer file for first time persons entering their system or for first time new created business enter their system!  It has been written and studies have proved; you should apply for something (that mandates a complete credit application which requites a 9 digit number either ein, itin, tin, ssn, or any other type of cpn number) at-least 2x's.. You can apply 1 time on 1 day and do it again the next day; or 2 days later.  Typically once you enter the same information atleast 2x the credit bureaus would have successfully grab this information and update your credit file, again without your knowledge, authorization, or consent.  We have heard that they will for sure have grabbed your information after your 2nd submission of this information. 

For the most part when you are updating your credit report as to maintain and provide new information which is relevant to your credit report such as new addresses, new employers, new income, new business name, new partnerships, change of name from marriage or what ever you should make sure you do it correctly!  The credit bureaus use to be a entity which stored and provided information, now they have moved into a position or "CROSS CHECKING" information.  In some situations this can be good, but if your unaware or being lazy when your completing a application your application attempt is a sure disapproval!  And worse yet your setting up your credit file to read inaccurately and that will lead to more denials.  In short it is your responsibility to make sure your reports reads accurately!  The credit bureaus is not going to help you!  PERIOD!  So to promote stronger consumer scores; and to make sure you have a fighting chance to have better approvals; make sure your report reads accurately! 


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What is a CPN? The Term "CPN" is nothing more than a abbreviated 3 letter word which means; nothing more than, Credit Profile Number; which is simply defined as, "ANY 9 DIGIT NUMBER WHICH CAN BE USED FOR CREDIT," which means exactly that! Any 9 digit number that can be used for credit, which can be found in every bank, credit union, or financial institution as a SSN, ITIN, TIN, or EIN. Banks and lending institutions DO IN FACT LEND TO; individuals using SSN's, legal non resident aliens using ITIN's, tax paying indiviuals using TIN's, and businesses using EIN's!   Attention: Our $79.99 CPN Service is not a 8 or 16 page E-Book which attempts to walk someone "Through the Process," of obtaining a EIN Number, It Is a Service! We DO NOT give you quick information which will walk you into obtaining a EIN which will validate as DEAD, PRIOR to 1955, or Not be Issued, which plainly means; "IT WILL NOT WORK as a good credit number. We actually have a process of HAVING A CPN NUMBER "ISSUED AS EITHER A EIN OR ITIN." This means WE CAN MATCH DOB's very closely and issue a number which will VALIDATE FOR SURE and be a great credit number. Tradeline, small credit account, phones, utilities and credit cards are common with our numbers, and we have proven this time and time again. Furthermore, when you purchase from a Legal CPN Store you become a Client For Life, which means, if you merge a credit file, too many inquires, or you decide you need a new CPN re-issued to you; We pull your file, and issue you another number based on Our Same Standards! We provide ALL Clients with Both Credit Bibles; for their information; FREE, WITH EVERY PURCHASE. We recently found and article; which stated, LEGAL CPN, issued someone a number which was an actual SSN Number. Yes all the numbers we issue have 9 digits, and IF IT WONT VALIDATED, ISN'T MATCHED, WE WON'T ISSUE IT! We Promise you wont get a Dead, Old, No been Issued, Non Matched, a Bunch of Talk, or a Sales Pitch from US. All of Our Clients are Clients For Life! We stand with You, Fight with You, give You FREE Credit Infomation, Leeds and FREE Consultation. NO ONE ISSUES MORE CPN THAN US, WE ARE THE EXPERTS, IN ALTERNATIVE CREDIT, BUSINESS CREDIT AND PERSONAL BUSINESS CREDIT!   See for yourself why Legal CPN is the number one Business Formation Service in the Nation! Don't waste your time "TRYING" to set up a CPN Credit File; which may be argued to be an attempt to file segregate, or may be illegal to use, we will set it up it the right way the first time. Q: Is it legal for someone to open a pizza or landscaping business and look to use their business as a source to secure new credit for their new business? If you answered yes, this is why we are in business! We are here to help you secure new credit with your new 9 digit number which can be used to open bank accounts, file taxes, and obtain business licenses.

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