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 Many of them request documents which show that the company exists, such as a certified copy of the certificate of formation or a certificate of good standing (Information we provide at the point we deliver your CPN.) The bank will also need the number. LEGAL CPN BEATS LEGAL ZOOM: Legal CPN offers a very similar service as compared to our rival Legal Zoom, except our clients receive more for their unique business needs! We offer with each CPN free Safe Scan, Choice Point and Lexis Nexus Search prior to issuing a CPN Number

WHAT IS A CPN? A CPN is the first step to acquiring new credit on a new credit file. The term CPN is nothing more than a abbreviated 3 letter word which means; Credit Profile Number. A Credit Profile Number is defined as, "ANY 9 DIGIT NUMBER WHICH CAN BE USED FOR CREDIT." These 9 digit numbers can be found in every bank, credit union, or financial institution as a SSN, ITIN, TIN, or EIN. Banks and lending institutions DO IN FACT LEND TO; individuals using SSN's, Legal Non Resident Aliens using ITIN's, Tax Paying Individuals using TIN's, and businesses using EIN's! You can use your Credit Profile Number (CPN) for Opening Bank Accounts, Applying for Business Licenses, Filing a Tax Return by Mail, File an Electronic Return, Make an electronic payment, Pass an IRS Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) matching program or anything that would be applicable to the use of a EIN, ITIN, TIN or SSN for credit reporting purposes. It is a well documented individuals owing business has received credit cards, car loans, certain types of mortgage, personal loans etc with the use of EIN's, TIN's, ITIN's and SSN's, which are all considered CPN's when used outside of it's natural intent, AND USED SOLELY AS AN APPROVAL MATRIX.

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT FROM OUR CPN SERVICE: Our $79.99 CPN Service is not a 8 or 16 page E-Book which attempts to walk someone "Through the Process," of obtaining a EIN Number, It Is a Service! We DO NOT give you quick information which will walk you into obtaining a EIN which will validate as DEAD, PRIOR to 1955, or Not be Issued, which plainly means; "IT WILL NOT WORK as a good credit number. We actually have a process of HAVING A CPN NUMBER "ISSUED AS EITHER A EIN OR ITIN." This means WE CAN MATCH DOB's very closely and issue a number which will VALIDATE FOR SURE and be a great credit number. Tradeline, small credit account, phones, utilities and credit cards are common with our numbers, and we have proven this time and time again. 
Furthermore, when you purchase from a Legal CPN Store you become a Client For Life, which means, if you merge a credit file, too many inquires, or you decide you need a new CPN re-issued to you; We pull your file, and issue you another number based on Our Same Standards! We provide ALL Clients with Both Credit Bibles; for their information; FREE, WITH EVERY PURCHASE. We recently found and article; which stated, LEGAL CPN, issued someone a number which was an actual SSN Number. Yes all the numbers we issue have 9 digits, and IF IT WONT VALIDATED, ISN'T MATCHED, WE WON'T ISSUE IT! We Promise you wont get a Dead, Old, No been Issued, Non Matched, a Bunch of Talk, or a Sales Pitch from US. All of Our Clients are Clients For Life! We stand with You, Fight with You, give You FREE Credit Information, Leeds and FREE Consultation. NO ONE ISSUES MORE CPN THAN US, WE ARE THE EXPERTS, IN ALTERNATIVE CREDIT, BUSINESS CREDIT AND PERSONAL BUSINESS CREDIT!

Learn How to Acquire a New Identity, Produce the Documents Necessary to Support It, Obtain Residences, Obtain New Credit, Obtain Employment, and Obtain the Banking Privileges to Enjoy It.


Direct Credit Bureau Lender List (DCB LIST)

250 LENDERS & APPROVING CREDIT BUREAU BMW , Cap One, Citi, Chase, BofA, Wells, Credit Card, Banks, Credit Unions, & SO MUCH MORE!


Ox Funding Online Loan Funding Store: is a top 1000 online retailer, Led by seasoned tradelines, CPN's, business credit, money market, funding, shelf corp, UCC and real estate information and service products.  We sell at highly competitive prices and we aim to provide great customer service.

We use the power of the Internet to supply large volumes of product very efficiently. Unlike many online stores, we offer wholesale, direct pricing, and affiliate pricing for many of the products we sell.  All products and merchandise sold is avaliable for immediate and instant download, and our service products are always delivered in a timely manner shipped to you directly and quickly via email or delivered directly to your doorstep.

For nearly 10 years we perfected our services (Cpn's, Tradelines, & Credit Repair); making us the most experienced company in the business.  We Understand Not All Clients Want Service.  "Some Clients Want Information!"  Great pricing; fast service, instant downloads, benefitial Ebook products and fast life changing services. Welcome to the world of Legal Cpn.Com.

WHO NEEDS A LEGAL CPN: If you start a new business, hired (or will hire) employees, including household employees, opened a bank account, changed type of organization, purchased a going business, created a trust, created a pension plan as a plan administrator, i s a foreign person needing to comply with IRS withholding or TAX Regulations, Is administering an estate, is a withholding agent for taxes on non-wage income paid to an alien (i.e., individual, corporation, or partnership, etc.) is a state or local agency, is a single member LLC , is an S corporation or for any tax-related purpose even if the entity does not have employees. You either NEED or can benefit from a professionally established validated CPN number. OPENING A BANK ACCOUNT IS RECOMMENDED: Contact the bank, or banks, that you would consider opening an account with, and ask them what type of information they will require.

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